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Product Overview

What is CloudMind?

A one-stop integrated platform for all your cloud activities. Superior tools for your Architects, SysAdmins and DevOps that dramatically improves productivity while reducing time to market

Product Features

1-Click Application Launch

Launch complex multi-tiered applications with a single click. Provide self-service catalog to Dev, QA, Demo teams

Image Management

Perform automated patches and upgrades. Implement golden image with versioning, multi cloud and multi region support


Use automated builds, versioning, promotion to QA, manual approvals, and automated deployments thereby eliminating the toil

Multi Cloud

Avoid cloud lock-in, run your applications in cloud of your choice, use multi-cloud strategy for failover, disaster recovery options


Migrate your applications to containers without spending significant time in research, re-engineering.

Usage, Billing Reports

Make use of the rich analytics and reports on cloud usage. From cost by applications, environments, to users, services and resources. Out of box setup of opensource tools for application, network etc. log analytics


Cloud Migration in Weeks

Migrate to public clouds in weeks, not months-years, at a fraction of cost. As a side effect, modernize IT with CI-CD, Golden Images, Analytics and Reports

Disaster Recovery in weeks

Get your DR site ready in weeks, not months-years, at a fraction of cost. Streamline and automate offsite backup-restore, active/passive replica setup based on business requirements

Cloud Optimization

Reduce costs upto 65% by scaling applications dynamically based on load. Use analytics to detect usage trends, automate purging of unused resources. Refactor applications to minimize cloud usage. Eliminate idling by using on-demand environments


Identify and resolve bottlenecks from network to database to application code. Prepare for expected traffic surges up to 10 times or higher, improve latencies for current loads

1-Click Unlimited QA, Demo

Free up non-technical teams from having to depend on IT for their needs. Self-service catalog to launch applications of choice at the time they need

Our Differentiators

Modernize in days

Modernize in days-weeks and not in months or years

One Stop Integrated DevOps

Put an end to hunting around for multiple experts and patchwork of solutions


Avoid Cloud lock-in

Intuitive tools to Use

Get trained in minutes

complex applications

Multi tiered applications including multiple programming frameworks, multiple databases

Less time on Plumbing

Spend more time on development

Why CloudAccel Managed DevOps

How CloudMind Works

Choose your cloud provider
Configure first application
Configure source repositories
Choose database(s)
Start your application