Fastest way to Modernize your IT

And clear your technology hurdles

Microsoft Azure
CloudAccel transforms your IT to deliver significantly greater Reliability and Scalability

CloudAccel clears the hurdles

Untangling knots holding your IT

The challenge

  • Are your IT Systems unreliable?
  • Are they slow?
  • Is your on-prem hardware outdated?
  • Do you have reliable backups?
  • Is your cloud migration struggling?
  • Are your cloud costs too high?

Our offerings

CloudAccel modernizes your IT, clearing your pressing pain points ranging from reliability, scalability to backups, migrations, DevOps automation, and more.

Customer benefits

IT problems drain critical time away from high-value tasks. Unreliable IT holds back business growth. No need to hunt around for multiple experts. CloudAccel offers a one-stop solution to address all your IT infrastructure challenges.

How it works


current Applications, Infrastructure and Business needs


immediate pain points, present a plan and start clearing hurdles


entire IT, covering all applications while ensuring zero disruptions

IT areas you can MODERNIZE using



Clear bottlenecks across network, databases, applications, servers, storage which in turn lowers response times and reduces downtimes.


Migrate your IT infrastructure to AWS, Azure or GCP with zero downtime and end-to-end security.


Reduce cloud costs with a comprehensive approach from automated purging of obsolete resources to auto start-stop, right-sizing, and reserved price planning.

Disaster Recovery

- With backups
- Failover to Cross-Region
- Cross-Cloud
- Optimizing the costs
- Maintaining end-to-end security


Comprehensive monitoring of entire infrastructure and applications using open source or commercial APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tools.


Automated builds, deploys with manual approvals, slashing your time to release


From systems managed by Cloud Accel


Daily transactions processed
by systems

100’s of TB

Data handled by
DB clusters

99.99% uptime

Includes complex distributed applications and database clusters

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