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Bloomz is a school communication platform that is designed to coordinate, communicate and share real-time information among teachers, parents and PTA. Bloomz platform’s rich functionality has attracted many customers having close to 3 million users. Bloomz was looking to migrate to Azure to handle the growth.


The users had swelled to nearly 3 million and the system handled millions of requests per hour. Bloomz system had grown to about 20 in-house developed applications, 40+ servers, 3 database clusters and dependent on 10+ third-party services.

Migration to Azure

CloudAccel planned and executed Bloomz migration to Azure. From network design, firewall rules to building VM images, automating builds, automating the provisioning of Dev, QA and staging environments, migrating db clusters over secure tunnels, setting up autoscale, monitoring dashboards and alerts – CloudAccel managed all aspects of the migration. CloudAccel leveraged its expertise in Azure to complete the deployment in record 8 weeks, a project that usually needs many months over.


Despite Bloomz being a complex system, CloudAccel successfully migrated the system into Azure. The planned downtime was just 45 minutes as opposed to projected and budgeted 2 hours. Furthermore, there was no unplanned downtime either during or post-migration.

"For a system such as ours - system stability and data integrity are paramount during such migration. Not only did CloudAccel handle those aspects exceptionally well, but they also did so with zero disruptions to our development work. CloudAccel's expertise and understanding of multiple clouds delivered us a smooth migration to Azure”
Chaks Appalabuttula
Founder, CEO, Bloomz Inc

January 20, 2017

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